There is hardly any doubt that from the investment perspective, buying land or real estate in Australia is a great decision. However, there are some important considerations that must be taken into account before you actually take the plunge. You must have a clear understanding about the various income tax and property valuer rules with particular reference to capital gains, stamp duty and other such things which could impact the overall cost of the property and could also have a bearing on the returns that you will get from such investments.

For example having an ABN or Australian Business Number could help you to save a lot of money by way of tax. However, you do not need this Number for buying the property but it is always better to have to avoid being taxed heavily on your property investments. If you are renting your property without an ABN you will end up paying almost 48.5% as withholding tax which certainly could be a big jolt to your entire investment objectives.

Further you should also be aware that the GST component could also erode the overall return on your property investments unless you know how to go about it. You have to bear in mind that GST is calculated on the market value of the property and not the payment you actually receive from your tenant. You should always be sure that you rent out your property to someone who is registered under GST because this will be beneficial both for you as the landlord and also to the tenant.

There are various other expenses that you could charge as non taxable entitlements and get benefits out of the same. However, since the entire rules are quite confusing and complicated you would do better to take the help of a professional auditor or accountant to avail the maximum benefit that are allowable under the law. Further, as a foreigner you ought to be more careful because there are separate set of rules for these people.
The Securities Investor Protection Corp. estimates it will pay out more than $5 million to more than 100 clients of Donahue Securities, one of his firms. In April, $6.2 million in losses had been identified. Cincinnati Reds owner Carl Lindner is scheduled to leave a hospital this weekend after treatment for colitis, a source confirmed Friday. Lindner had been hospitalized for several weeks, said the source, who did did not want to be named. Lindner, 82, also is chairman of American Financial Group and Chiquita Brands International Inc.

Colitis is an inflammation of the large intestine that can cause severe abdominal cramps and fever. No other details on Lindner's illness were available Friday. There are more engineers and scientists in Greater Cincinnati than in the famed Research Triangle of North Carolina, yet the region has failed to realize its potential in the information age economy. That conclusion and more than 30 recommendations aimed at reversing the situation emerged Thursday when the long-awaited report by the Greater Cincinnati Regional Technology Initiative was released. Launched in November, the initiative's first task was to develop a comprehensive plan to boost development of the region's technology sector.

The 200-volunteer, 100-day effort produced a raft of recommendations that would require action by businesses, government, educational institutions and non-profit agencies, but the report highlighted several ''initial tools'' to make things happen. Professional Valuers can assist with all manner of valuations, from commercial or residential mortgages to more complex valuation assignments. Formation of the Cincinnati USA Technology Growth Accelerator, chaired by Cincinnati Bell President and Chief Operating Officer Jack Cassidy and managed by Johnathan Holifield, the point man for technology at the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. The accelerator is intended to be the ''go-to'' group that will be a catalyst for growing the area's high-tech economy.

Establishment of the Cincinnati USA Capital Growth Fund, which would exist to provide seed and early-stage funding to start-up technology businesses. Richard Kiley, director of Procter & Gamble Co.'s venture capital fund and an initiative volunteer, said discussions are already underway with a variety of potential investors. Fort Washington Investment Advisors, a unit of Western-Southern Enterprise, has been selected to manage the fund. Creation of the Cincinnati USA Entrepreneur Resource Network, intended to be an umbrella network that would link tech entrepreneurs with mentors, potential customers, partners and sources of capital. Some services would be accessible via the Internet.

Building the Cincinnati USA K-12 Education Assistance Collaborative, which would pair businesses with educational institutions in the region to ensure that technology skills needed by businesses are taught in schools. The concept would include creation of an easily accessible database of technology-related education and workforce training programs available in the region so that local companies don't have to send workers outside the area for tech training.

Once a year - or more often if you're inclined - take a look at your at your investments are allocated and make sure you're in balance. Currently, your stock allocation may be down and your bonds up. This calls for rebalancing by selling some bonds and putting the money in stocks. I understand that this is hard to do, especially now with stocks in free fall. But, if your investment horizon is five, 10 or 15 years out, the market is likely to recover.

If you've got less than five years until you have to pay tuition, retire or buy the Corvette, you should be moving now to more conservative investments. property valuation combine attributes, together with recent comparable sales in the surrounding area. That doesn't mean cashing in all of your stocks right now. Sell some on up days. Remember, if you're retiring you'll need to keep some of your money in stocks to get the long-term growth you'll need over the coming 25 years or so.

If the first tuition bill is due in August, you're looking at a span of four or more years of paying tuition. You should have the cash for year one now, some or all of the cash for year two, and be well along planning how you're going to raise the cash for the other years. You don't need to have all four years in cash at the outset. When it comes to investing, remember that no one, not Alan Greenspan, not Warren Buffett, not even Abby Joseph Cohen knows when the market will hit bottom or top. So don't try to time things - it's time in the market, not market timing, that counts.

Until the market turns up, take advantage of the sale on Wall Street and invest a little each month. If you're buying mutual funds or stock, your dollars are now buying more shares. This is called dollar-cost averaging. Make sure you're diversified. Do you have bonds or a bond fund? Growth stocks for growth stock funds? Value stocks or value funds? Do you have some money in international funds?

If you're truly diversified, you'll find that overall the drop in stock prices since March 10, 2000 has been painful, but not as painful as if you'd had all your eggs in one basket. ''Wall Street on Sale!'' is the theme for the 11th annual Investors Fair sponsored by the OKI Tri-State Chapter of the National Association of Investors Corporation on April 21 at the Sharonville Convention Center.

The main reason for a website is to ensure that it helps in bringing in new customers or visitors. Most award winning websites apart from being rewarded for the quality and content of the websites have also been able to reap in good businesses. In this article we will talk about the need for including property valuation as a part of any good and professional real estate website.

It is known to all and sundry that real estate business if done the properly holds out a lot of promise and prospects. However, if you wish to really succeed in this business being present on the internet is of extreme importance. Apart from being just present on the internet it is also very important for you to ensure that your website is more than just informative. There are quite a few ways and means by which this can be done. Taking part in website competitions is a very effective way by which the popularity of your website can be increased. But for this to happen your website should be very unique and out of the world as far as content, quality, appearance and stability is concerned. We will over the next few lines try and find out more about the need to include property valuation as a part of any good website belonging to real estate business owners.

When you decide to include valuation as a topic in your website you are certainly doing a great service to the ordinary customer out there. Many of them do not have a clear understanding of valuation and the impact it could have on his decision to buy a property. When you take the trouble of passing on some vital pieces of information to the customer you certainly stand high as far as your moral character is concerned. You educate customers about the various facets related to valuation and how it helps buyers to have more confidence when entering into a commercial decision.

Once you start this and once your website becomes popular for not being run of the mill stuff, chances are that it will get noticed by the various website judging organizations. Who knows, your website could become a candidate for being nominated as the best under this category. This will be a big boost not only to your website for the valuation and real estate industry in general. However, you should take care to ensure that the quality of information that is available on your website about valuation should be of the highest order in terms of reliability, facts and figures.